Welcome to our Elementary School at Brookfield. Here at Brookfield Elementary we are proud to provide an outstanding curriculum along with high quality teachers from grades Pre-First to 5th grade.

When you visit our school, you will see enthusiastic, happy students and highly qualified, dedicated teachers all working towards academic excellence. Ask about various ways we encourage and meet the needs of our Gifted and Talented students, as well as students who need remediation. You will understand why Brookfield School has earned a well deserved reputation as Reno’s best private school.

Our goal is for our children to not only be challenged, but also be well prepared for the future providing them the learning tools they need.

Elementary School Pre 1st (K) – 5th Grade

• Annual achievement tests on every student every year. Our school is in the top 16% in the nation.

• Small Reading Group instruction daily in the classroom.

• Gifted and Talented Literature program for select 1st - 8th grades using the “Junior Great Books” program.

• Accelerated Reading has dramatically increased students’ reading comprehension skills by 1 to 2 grades since September. We are able to track progress using computer diagnostics, a large AR “on-line” library. The PTA supports weekly recognition to students for reading and adding books in the library.

• Individualized writing plans are developed for every student and daily writing is practiced in journals, essays, research projects, poetry, and creative writing.

• Emphasis on English grammar, vocabulary development, literary appreciation and study skills

• Reading and writing buddies with younger grade students, providing mentoring opportunities

• Mathematics is accelerated in grades Pre1st (K) - 8th using Singapore Math curriculum.

• Spanish and Chinese instruction in Pre-School, through the 8th grade.

• Emphasis on science in all grades by allocating class time daily  “Hands-on-Science” and STEM for all grades  Daily S.T.E.M. Classes for 5th – 8th grades, Science Technology Engineering Math Class.

• Weekly, school wide Art Classes with an art instructor to emphasize the creative mind.

• P.E. scheduled twice a week for Pre1st (K) – 5th

• Enhanced public speaking skills with our Chautauqua program. Our students gain public speaking through many programs including declamations, poetry, and oral class presentations.

• Two years with students winning both State and National Penmanship awards, 2017 and 2018.

• Friendship and character building, goal setting, personal values growth and conflict resolution

Mrs. Gookin and Ms. K. are the best! Only 1 month at Brookfield and my son was reading. Halfway through the year, he’s soaring! Kids are kind and courteous. Classrooms are small for individual attention. Brookfield offers violin, Spanish, and Chinese as part of their kindergarten curriculum. Plus there’s an array of after school programs. Bethany A., Pre-1st parent.