RENO’S BEST Middle School

Brookfield Middle School offers education from grades 6th, 7th, and 8th. Our Middle School program is designed to provide support and the tools needed in order to build future leaders and successful career paths. 

The focus for our Middle School students is to prepare them and provide education in the skills needed to be able to connect socially and build their confidence as they go forward in their education.

• Exciting 6th -8th Grade Friday Electives include: orienteering, environmental science, ski/board club, community service, journalism, drama, digital photography, and web page construction. Off-campus:

• Annual campout retreat with ropes, team-building/leadership building

• Annual week-long Marine Biology Science Camp in Southern or Northern California

• The Spanish and Chinese language programs are very popular with the 6th – 8th grades.

• Small Math groupings based on ability in 5th-8th grades. High School level and advanced math offering: Pre-algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Geometry.

• Preparing students with organizational and study skills for their high school experience

• Upper Grade Student Council: The Student Council is to encourage, promote, and sponsor extra – curricular activities and it is composed of 4 officers, elected at large and classroom representation.

• Average class size in 2016 is 13 students to a classroom teacher.

• Maximum class size is 20 students.

• Each classroom has access to high-speed internet computers for quick and easy research capability.

• Main campus student to computers ratio is 4:1.

• Student to certified teacher ratio is 13:1 at our elementary campus.

• Entire student to staff ratio at our elementary campus is 10:1. This includes enrichment teachers and aides.

• Gifted and Talented Literature program for 1st - 8th grades using “Junior Great Books”.

• Math Lab: We offer ALEKS online math program for home and teacher supervised math lab. Math Lab is based on a university model and has positive results in promoting math fluency (speed and accuracy in computation) in a fun and lively way.

• Reading Lab: Designed to mirror national research-based models, Reading Lab increases fluency and comprehension.

• S.T.E.M. Science Technology Engineering Math offers students engineering and internet skills needed for success in our technology driven world. STEM is incorporated daily as a separate class offering students a kinesthetic learning experience through building, exploring and discovering.

• ATHLETICS- We have an athletics program with competitive and recreational sports that include: Cross Country Running, Basketball, Ski Club, Track and Field, and Flag Football. Annual campout retreat with ropes, team-building/leadership building

My son walked into Bishop Manogue
High School and excelled in all of the
advanced honors classes. Thank you
to Brookfield School for preparing him
from Pre-1st through Middle School!
2016 Graduate Parent