At our TLC School, we nurture a child’s natural love of learning with caring teachers and stimulating curriculum. We celebrate the early years by encouraging exploration, emotional growth, fostering positive learning experiences, and of course, fun!  At Brookfield School, children have fun learning and parents can be assured their child will receive high quality attention and care. We are proud to have classes organized by age groups with a wide range of learning experiences. 


Our TLC School offers quality preschool programs for children ages 12 months to five years. Providing organization and love are some of the things our staff strives to do; having a balance between group activities and social time. Our qualified and certified Staff provide a safe and loving environment for our children as their lifelong adventure of learning begins. 



My boys love TLC. They come home and want to read and spell out letters with enthusiasm! So cute! Listening to them sing their Spanish, French, and Chinese songs to us is priceless. They are always smiling when I pick them up.

-Bethany A.