Toddler/Pre-K Program

(1 & 2 yrs)

At Brookfield, we believe that a child’s first five years of life are very critical to their development. We have designed our programs to excite the young child about learning and school. Our programs are highly academic and developmentally appropriate for a preschool setting.

Our toddler program focuses on communication and expressing feelings. Having them follow simple directions and participate in simple routines is a must for their development. We also focus on their social skills and teach them about learning to play cooperatively with others. 

Letters and sounds are introduced through games and songs for our toddlers. Our interactive phonics program provides children with a kinesthetic learning experience. Our children will sing songs, recite nursery rhymes and poems. 



(3 years)

Our Pre Kindergarten program focuses on the balance of caring and nurturing the need of a child’s independence and structure. Discovering and exploring weekly letters of the alphabet and monthly themes are just some of the focuses our Teachers provide with guidance to our children. 

We use an advanced curriculum that helps our preschool students learn the first stages of writing, letter recognition, math, language development and pre-reading. These are some of the areas our teachers focus on in our Pre-Kindergarten program.


jr. kindergarten

(4 & 5 years)

Our TLC Junior Kindergarten program is specifically designed to help children find their path and hone the skill of adjusting to routines prior to entering Pre-1st. Our focus is to help the children follow multi-step instructions, control impulses, sustain attention, and find ways to solve problems while organizing their work. We also help prepare your child for an advanced academic program. At Brookfield our students will be advanced by a year or more. 

Early Childhood - The Little Campus (TLC)– Toddler, Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten, and Junior Kindergarten

• We have a rich and lively curriculum including: phonics, handwriting, early literacy, mathematics, social-emotional skills and critical thinking skills.

• Included Enrichment curriculum: French, Spanish, Chinese, dance, music, and art

• Consistent superior teachers in each classroom with low adult to student ratios 1:7

• Afternoon curriculum including hands on science, cooking and social studies, ensures that students are cognitively challenged.

• Full Kindergarten level curriculum is offered to our 4 year old JK students with certified teachers.