Brookfield News

Academic Excellence

Brookfield School's private academic setting values personal qualities of sound character while fostering the joy of learning in our Preschool, Elementary and Middle schools. Our environment promotes personal responsibility for realistic, individual levels of performance. Honesty, integrity, and respect for the self and others are the overall goals. Brookfield School is a top private school in Reno and is very proud of the excellent academic programs, exceptional students, and outstanding faculty. Brookfield School appeals to parents who seek a proven curriculum. Brookfield School has been a leader in private education in Northern Nevada for forty years, and all our campuses, Preschool, Elementary, and Middle School, are nationally accredited and State / County Licensed.

Brookfield is a small, safe school with parent-only access through locked gates/doors or access though one supervised entry point. Each campus has security cameras and offers small, self-contained class sizes which allow students to feel more comfortable and confident as well as more likely to engage in classroom activities. Brookfield has three campus locations which we encourage you to come and visit, Preschool (TLC 2yr.-5yr.), elementary (main) campus (K-4th Grade), and middle school campus (5th-8th Grade). We are the first middle school in Reno to offer "Project Lead The Way" STEM program for both environmental and mechanical engineering (AutoCAD).