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Brookfield School: Over 60 Years of Excellence

The Beginning: 1963

Brookfield School's journey began in 1963 when Mr. and Mrs. Robinson founded the original school in Sacramento, California. Their dedication to providing quality education paved the way

for expansion, reaching the vibrant city of Reno. There, Marian Osgood assumed the role of Headmistress and became an integral part of the school's success.

Growing Minds and Building Futures: 1972-1979

In 1972, Brookfield School embarked on a significant expansion into the Greater Reno area, making its home within various churches scattered throughout the Sparks and Reno regions. By 1979, the school had successfully enrolled a total of 63 students, solidifying its presence and impact within the local educational landscape.


Preserving Tradition, Shaping Tomorrow. The Marian Osgood Legacy: 1985-1987

In 1985, a pivotal moment transpired as Marian Osgood took ownership of Brookfield School in Reno, Nevada. With a student population of 75 students and an unwavering determination, she courageously relocated the school to its current location at 6800 S. McCarran, expanding its educational offerings to include students from Kindergarten to 8th grade by 1987. This moment marked a significant chapter in the school's history and growth. Mrs. Osgood faced the challenge undaunted, ensuring the preservation of the school's successful philosophy, time-honored curriculum, and distinctive uniforms. In doing so, she upheld the institution's enduring values and principles of excellence.

Generations of Excellence: A Family Legacy Elevating Brookfield School Since 1998

As the years passed, Brookfield School thrived under Marian's leadership, and in 1998, her two daughters, Karyn Murray and Katie Osgood, joined the administrative team. Together, they brought a diverse range of skills and expertise, elevating the organization to new heights.

The legacy continued when the sisters acquired properties for the preschool in 2003 and the Middle School in 2015, both conveniently situated near the Elementary Campus. These expansions allowed Brookfield School to cater to a wider age range, nurturing young minds from their earliest years to their transition into adolescence. Family tradition played a vital role in the school's growth, and in 2013, Mrs. Murray's daughter, Taylor Dorey, joined the school, carrying forward the torch of commitment to education and community.

Today, Brookfield School stands as a testament to the vision and dedication of its founders and the ongoing passion of those who have carried the mantle forward. As we embrace the future with boundless enthusiasm, we remain rooted in the timeless values that have shaped generations of students and continue to inspire excellence in education.

Join us at Brookfield School, where the past meets the present, and every child's future is filled with promise and potential. Together, let's create a legacy of learning that lasts a lifetime.

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