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Establishing a robust foundation for learning

At Brookfield School, our Elementary School program lays the groundwork for a solid and comprehensive education. Our curriculum encompasses a wide spectrum of subjects, including humanities, language arts, foreign language, social studies, math, science, technology, music, visual arts, and physical exercise, all designed to provide students with a strong academic footing. Our exceptional educational approach serves as a launchpad for both academic achievement and the development of essential life skills. We cultivate a passion for learning from an early stage, nurturing qualities like critical thinking, curiosity, and creativity. This foundation not only fosters intellectual growth but also serves as a base for maximizing social, emotional, physical, and psychological development.

Character Education is seamlessly integrated into every facet of our students' daily experiences. We emphasize and practice self-respect and respect for others, fostering a sense of community and nurturing young individuals into compassionate and productive global citizens. We champion the Brookfield School values – Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Ready – which guide every aspect of our community.

Students are guided in mastering organizational skills, time management, and the art of presenting their learning. Through engaging activities, they refine research, writing, and presentation capabilities, readying themselves for the challenges of our Middle School curriculum. This process empowers them to work independently and thrive in collaborative group settings, enhancing their teamwork abilities.

Our well-rounded curriculum is designed to equip students not only for success but for flourishing in a global society. By offering a diverse array of subjects, our curriculum promotes holistic growth, enabling students to explore their interests, broaden their perspectives, and cultivate essential contemporary proficiencies.

We firmly believe that a strong educational foundation lays the groundwork for a lifelong journey of learning, turning students into adaptable problem solvers and proactive contributors to the ever-changing global landscape.


Early Kindergarten Curriculum

The primary focus is giving students the skills and knowledge they need to prepare them to read. As students develop listening, visual and motor skills, their vocabularies and understanding of word concepts grow. Immersion in a print-rich environment helps students learn to recognize and form letters. Teachers work on the development of oral language and phonemic awareness, using literature, songs, rhymes, and games.

We establish the fundamental skills necessary to set students on a path towards a prosperous mathematical journey. Through play, young learners enhance their aptitude for logical reasoning. Thus, we create an environment that encourages playful engagement with their surroundings and the manipulation of materials. Our approach involves introducing them to a range of skills including number recognition, tackling simple word problems, identifying patterns, discerning shapes and their characteristics, and grasping the concept of number sequencing.

Harnessing the innate curiosity of our young learners, we immerse them in interactive experiences designed to nurture their observation and problem-solving abilities. This dynamic approach fosters the recognition that questioning is an integral aspect of the journey of learning. Moreover, our curriculum integrates developmentally suitable scientific exploration, enriching their educational experience.

Through an innovative thematic framework, our social studies program delves into subjects that resonate with students at this stage of their education. As they embark on this journey, students unravel the intricacies of the world's minutest components and refine their skills in navigating these elements. This process not only deepens their comprehension but also facilitates the seamless expansion of their horizons.

The voyage into Spanish and Mandarin education commences with our Early Kindergarten learners. Through the captivating avenues of melodic refrains, engaging tales, and interactive play, they absorb essential phrases and words. As our preschool students grasp the bedrock of vocabulary, they not only amass vital linguistic capabilities but also kindle a profound delight and gratification in their exploration of a new language.

Embarking on our early learning Music program, students delve into the very essence of music through an array of dynamic endeavors including vocal harmonies, rhythmic movements, instrumental play, captivating narratives, and attentive listening. Our EK pupils actively engage in multiple showcases throughout the academic year, including the vibrant Spring Show, and festive holiday gatherings.

Infused with vibrancy, Visual Arts within the realm of early learning spark ingenuity while guiding students to forge bridges between art and diverse fields like history and global cultures. Through interactive, age-tailored endeavors, students explore the interplay of colors, shapes, and lines. To unveil the kaleidoscope of potential within visual arts, our instructors employ an array of materials and techniques, ensuring students are exposed to a rich tapestry of creative possibilities.

In our physical education sessions, the spotlight shines on honing gross motor skills and fortifying the body's major muscle groups. Through dynamic movement activities and engaging games, coordination is sharpened. Embracing a non-competitive atmosphere, we create a safe haven for students to fearlessly experiment with new skills, fostering a sense of confidence and exploration.

Pre-First (Kindergarten) Curriculum

As Pre-First begins, the majority of children are already ready to begin comprehending age-appropriate books and stories. Our objective is to harness this foundation and propel it further by fostering:

  • Phonemic awareness (oral blending, segmentation, rhyming)
  • Strategies for comprehension
  • Enriching vocabulary
  • Grammar essentials (parts of speech, constructing sentences, usage, mechanics)
  • Mastery of spelling
  • Awareness of print and books
  • A diverse range of writing styles

This approach not only nurtures their existing skills but also ignites a lifelong love for reading and writing.

Crafted to resonate with students' passions, our curriculum serves as a gateway to mastering problem-solving skills and cultivating essential reasoning abilities. This dynamic approach underscores the unique language of mathematics, enabling students to construct their own mathematics vocabulary.

Guiding learners through an enriching mathematical journey, our curriculum encompasses:

  • Mastery of number representation
  • Delving into word-based challenges
  • Grasping the concept of ordinal positioning
  • Skillfully managing counting and addition involving currency
  • Introductory exploration of fractions
  • Acquiring a range of learning techniques
  • Unveiling strategies for navigating problem-solving scenarios, measurement, and adding double-digit numbers without regrouping

This engaging math curriculum not only equips students with practical skills but empowers them to confidently navigate the intriguing realm of mathematics.

We foster students' innate wonder and innate curiosity about the world around them. Through immersive hands-on science activities, they delve into diverse habitats and the intricacies of life cycles. By honing their observational skills, students grasp that science is interwoven into everyday experiences, thus igniting a newfound appreciation for the subject.

Embracing a thematic framework, our social studies program embarks on a captivating exploration of subjects deeply resonant with students at this juncture. As they commence their journey, students unravel the intricacies of their immediate surroundings, honing their skills in navigating these nuances. This foundation of understanding forms a stepping stone as their world continues to expand. Our journey commences by delving into the realms of communities, families, and diverse cultures from around the globe.

Playful exploration is the cornerstone of our kindergarten language classes, offering students the choice of either Spanish or Mandarin. Through engaging and repetitive songs and chants, students master key phrases in their chosen language. As they progress, they navigate more intricate facets of the language through a diverse range of multisensory activities.

The Pre-First Music curriculum thrives as students delve into the essence of music through a dynamic medley of experiences, including vocal harmonies, rhythmic dance, instrumental play, storytelling, and attentive listening. Furthermore, students have the exceptional opportunity to learn the violin. Throughout the school year, they embrace multiple opportunities to showcase their talents, gracing events like the Spring Show, and festive holiday gatherings.

Pre-First's Visual Arts program sparks creativity, urging students to forge bridges between art and diverse disciplines like history and global cultures. Through hands-on, age-appropriate activities, students delve into the interplay of colors, shapes, and lines. Our skilled instructor employs an array of materials and techniques, unveiling a multitude of artistic possibilities for students to explore.

In our Physical Education classes, the spotlight is on honing gross motor skills to fortify the body's major muscle groups. These sessions also enhance coordination through dynamic movement activities and engaging games. Operating within a non-competitive setting, we create a secure space where students feel encouraged to embrace new skills without hesitation.

First Grade Curriculum

By the time they reach first grade, the majority of children have unlocked the ability to read and grasp age-appropriate books and stories. We take this foundation and propel it forward, enhancing both fluency and comprehension. Our approach centers around refining phonics skills, expanding vocabulary, and mastering spelling rules.

Employing the workshop method, we inspire students to cultivate their writing prowess. Rather than fixating solely on the end product, we prioritize the process itself. Through this method, students engage in vocabulary enrichment and acquaint themselves with a spectrum of writing styles. Addressing the mechanics of writing – encompassing spelling, grammar, handwriting, and organization – is seamlessly woven into all forms of communication education.

Students amplify their grasp of diverse problem-solving techniques and strategies. Through the integration of manipulatives, we solidify abstract concepts and elevate students' capacity for logical reasoning.


  • Addition and subtraction
  • Deciphering place value
  • Employing modeling
  • Number comparisons
  • Interpretation of charts and graphs
  • Exploring measurements
  • Unveiling geometric shapes

Within the realm of Science, students delve into the intricacies of scientific inquiry while mastering the utilization of fundamental scientific instruments. Their exploration encompasses comprehending the life cycles and habitats of both flora and fauna. Additionally, they engage with earth science subjects, delving into matters such as weather patterns and seasonal shifts.

Students gain insights into the dynamics of communities, governmental structures, as well as the nuances of maps and globes.

Families pick between Mandarin or Spanish. Students establish the groundwork for verbal expression, reading comprehension, and written communication. They expand their vocabulary and initiate the construction of concise sentences. Lessons revolve around thematic elements, infused with energy and interactivity.

The primary emphasis lies in cultivating fundamental tonal and rhythm skills through uncomplicated melodies. Students not only engage in singing and instrument playing but also explore music theory discussions. Moreover, they take part in diverse performances over the course of the academic year, all while also embarking on a journey to learn the violin.

Visual Arts ignite creativity and prompt students to forge meaningful links between art and various subjects like history and global cultures. Moreover, students delve into the interplay of colors, shapes, and lines through interactive, age-appropriate endeavors. Our adept educator employs a diverse array of materials and techniques, introducing students to the abundant spectrum of possibilities within the realm of visual arts.

Physical education constitutes a vital component of the holistic development of Brookfield students. Throughout the first grade, we dedicate ourselves to refining gross motor skills via a combination of sports, games, and dynamic activities. These endeavors empower students to master body control and coordination. Additionally, we impart valuable lessons in sportsmanship and effective communication.

Second Grade Curriculum

In second grade, the curriculum zeroes in on phonics, word analysis, fluency, vocabulary expansion, comprehension, grammar, and writing skills.

Students acquire a range of strategies to decipher and integrate new words and phrases.

They initiate the practice of crafting succinct and uncomplicated essays, complete with a title, a straightforward introductory sentence, a series of illustrative examples, and a concluding statement. Proficiency in correct spelling, punctuation, and capitalization is a paramount focus.

Students further enrich their grasp of diverse problem-solving methods while honing their skills with the assistance of manipulatives, solidifying comprehension and boosting their capacity for logical reasoning.

The curriculum encompasses:

  • Deepening the understanding of place value up to 9,999
  • Mastery of addition and subtraction techniques
  • Exploration of measurement and data concepts
  • Delving into geometry and fractions
  • Navigating strategies for multiplication and division

In the realm of Science, students embark on a continued exploration of scientific inquiry and the utilization of scientific tools. They delve into the intricate worlds of plants and Earth's composition, immersing themselves in the study of various rock types, soil, and natural resources. Additionally, they gain insights into the wonders of the solar system.

Students progress in their comprehension of communities and government. They are introduced to influential leaders and historical figures, all while immersing themselves in the tapestry of American culture. Students continue to learn about the globe, maps, and regions.

In our dynamic language lessons, students have the choice of either Spanish or Mandarin. Engaging in hands-on activities and projects, they expand their linguistic proficiency while diving into the respective cultures. Topics covered include the calendar, numbers 1-30, greetings, the alphabet, and cultural traditions.

Centered on building fundamental tonal and rhythm skills through melodic simplicity, our music program becomes a creative playground. Students sing, play violin, partake in music discussions, and take center stage in diverse performances throughout the school year.

Visual Arts serve as a conduit for nurturing creativity and fostering interconnections between art and other disciplines like history and global cultures. Students not only encounter famous artists but also engage with cultural art and explore a variety of artistic techniques.

In the mosaic of our students' growth, physical education assumes a pivotal role. In second grade, we cultivate gross motor skills through an array of sports, games, and activities. This fosters an environment where students are encouraged to uncover a physical activity they are passionate about beyond the classroom setting.

Third Grade Curriculum

As the journey continues into third grade, students continue to refine their language skills through the exploration of phonics, word analysis, fluency, vocabulary development, comprehension, grammar, and writing. To enrich their literary experience, they engage with diverse genres of text through a variety of books. Additionally, they venture into distinct styles of writing, including expository, narrative, and persuasive forms.

Third-grade students ascend to proficiency in essential computational skills and strategies, solidifying their competence in problem-solving. The curriculum encompasses:

  • Mastery of place value up to 100,000
  • Application of addition and subtraction with regrouping
  • Exploration of measurement and data concepts
  • Delving into geometry and fractions
  • Strategies for multiplication and division

In the realm of Science, students embark on an exploration of the environment and living organisms, unravel the mysteries of forces and motion, decipher the dynamics of weather and climate, and dive into the intricate realm of life cycles and traits, alongside an introduction to the realm of chemistry. Activities are designed to foster inquiry and collaborative projects, where students have the opportunity to work both independently and within groups.

The rich tapestry of Nevada's foundation, history, and culture, alongside the significance of its indigenous populations, unfolds before students' eyes.

In our vibrant language lessons, students have the option to delve into either Spanish or Mandarin. These dynamic sessions are filled with hands-on activities and engaging projects that expand their linguistic proficiency and cultural awareness. The curriculum places an enhanced focus on spelling and vocabulary practice, amplifying both communication and writing skills.

Music exploration takes center stage as students participate in violin and choir during the school year. They learn to master a range of instruments and cultivate their vocal skills by singing an eclectic mix of songs.

Visual Arts remain a conduit for nurturing creativity and fostering interdisciplinary connections. Students not only engage with renowned artists but also delve into cultural art and explore a variety of artistic techniques.

Physical education remains a cornerstone of holistic development. In third grade, students come to realize the integral role of physical activities in contributing to their overall well-being. Through participation in an array of sports, games, and activities, they not only build physical skills but also cultivate a deep understanding of the value of teamwork.

Fourth Grade Curriculum

In this phase, students immerse themselves in a spectrum of literary genres, encompassing fiction, non-fiction, myths, fantasy, and poetry. They cultivate the art of composing personal narratives, short stories, and essays. Guided by educators, students navigate the writing process, traversing stages like brainstorming, outlining, drafting, editing, and publishing.

Diving deeper into the realm of mathematics, students broaden and deepen their comprehension. The curriculum spans:

  • Mastery of place value, including decimals
  • Proficiency in long division and multiplication
  • Skillful manipulation of operations involving fractions
  • Exploration of decimals
  • Engagement with geometry and fractions
  • Navigating real-world word problems

In Science, students embark on a captivating journey, studying plant and animal structures, the dynamics of energy, the transformation of Earth's surface, and the intricacies of waves and information. Through inquiry-driven and project-based activities, students tackle concepts both independently and collaboratively.

The historical exploration commences with the pilgrims and unfurls through the expansion of colonies, the founding fathers, and the Revolutionary War. 

With the choice of Spanish or Mandarin, students delve into the rich cultural tapestry of countries where these languages are spoken. Vocabulary expansion and fundamental grammatical concepts take center stage. Lessons are dynamic, brimming with hands-on activities and engaging projects.

Fourth graders start refining their musical direction by selecting either violin, viola, or cello, alongside participating in choir. This specialized focus enables them to hone their instrumental and vocal prowess.

Visual Arts remain a conduit for nurturing creativity and forging interdisciplinary connections. Students not only engage with renowned artists but also delve into cultural art and explore a variety of artistic techniques.

Physical education retains its crucial role in holistic growth. In fourth grade, students initiate the practice of goal-setting, employing fitness assessments to gauge their progress. In the realm of physical education, they participate in a mosaic of sports, games, and activities, where the significance of teamwork is emphasized.

Fifth Grade Curriculum

During this phase, students delve into intricate literary elements including point of view, plot sequence, conflict and resolution, among others. The exploration of poetry is also enriched, delving into its depth and nuances. On the writing front, students continue refining essential skills such as spelling, capitalization, punctuation, proofreading, and sentence structure.

In the realm of mathematics, students embark on an expedition to deepen and expand their conceptual understanding. The curriculum encompasses:

  • Multi-digit division
  • Exploration of factors and multiples
  • Operations involving decimals and fractions
  • Navigating ratios and percentages
  • Mastery of rates and proportions
  • Engagement with geometry and data analysis
  • Tackling real-world word problems

Science unfolds as a captivating narrative where students delve into the realm of living things and ecosystems, the dynamics of earth systems, transformations in matter, and the captivating mysteries of the earth, moon, and stars.

Students uncover the tapestry of early civilizations, delving into cultural, religious, economic, and political systems, and how these facets continue to impact the modern world.

With the choice of Spanish or Mandarin, students delve into language acquisition with a focus on listening comprehension, speaking, reading, writing, and applied grammar fundamentals. Cultural aspects of Spanish-speaking countries are explored through hands-on activities and engaging projects.

Focusing their musical journey, students choose either violin, viola, or cello, while also participating in choir. This focused approach allows them to hone their instrumental skills and refine their vocal talents.

Visual Arts remain a realm of inspiration, fostering creativity and forging interconnections with history and world cultures. Students not only explore renowned artists but also delve into cultural art and diverse artistic techniques.

Physical education remains a vital part of students' holistic growth. In fourth grade, goal-setting takes center stage, aided by fitness assessments that guide students in measuring their progress. Through participation in a myriad of sports, games, and activities, students continue to grasp the value of teamwork.

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