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Welcome to Our Thoughtfully Crafted Preschool Curriculum

At our preschool, we pride ourselves on providing a well-rounded and enriching experience ensuring a year filled with academic, social, and emotional growth for our young students. With our expert faculty and staff, we employ a diverse range of teaching approaches, carefully curated curriculum programs, and specialty classes tailored to each developmental stage. Our goal is to ignite your child's curiosity and innate passion for learning, setting the foundation for a lifelong love of education.

Welcome to Brookfield School's Infant/Toddler Program, where your child's early years are cherished, celebrated, and geared towards a lifetime of success. Our safe and nurturing environment is brimming with warmth and affection from our dedicated teachers, ensuring that your little ones feel right at home as they embark on their exciting learning journey.

A Nurturing Balance:
We understand the critical importance of a child's first years, and our toddler program is thoughtfully designed to strike a perfect balance between nurturing and fostering independence. With care and compassion, we support their growing need for structure and encourage their blossoming sense of independence.

Prepared for Future Success:
At Brookfield School, we believe in setting the stage for a bright future, which is why our toddler program offers a wide range of enriching learning experiences tailored to different developmental stages. As your child progresses through our program, they will be equipped with essential skills and a thirst for knowledge that will pave the way for future success.

Our Infant/Toddler Curriculum Focuses on:

  1. Nurturing Independence:
    We empower young minds to be independent thinkers and doers, fostering self-reliance and confidence that will serve them well in years to come.
  2. Language Development:
    Communication is key, and we create an environment where language skills flourish through engaging interactions and immersive experiences. We include exposure to Foreign Languages in their day. 
  3. Social Development:
    Learning to interact with peers, take turns, share, and tidy up toys lays the foundation for strong social skills and harmonious relationships.
  4. Motor Coordination:
    Through play and fun activities, we nurture both large and fine motor skills, supporting physical development and coordination.
  5. Listening Skills:
    Attentive listening is a crucial skill, and we engage children in activities that develop their ability to listen and comprehend.
  6. Art and Music:
    Creativity knows no bounds in our toddler program, where children explore the world of art, music, and movement, fostering their imagination.
  7. Early Math and Literacy Concepts:
    From primary colors to number concepts and alphabet exploration, we introduce the building blocks of early math and literacy.

Welcome your child to Brookfield School's Infant/Toddler Program, where their journey towards academic excellence and personal growth begins. Together, we'll inspire a love for learning that will light the way to a future filled with endless possibilities.

Our Young Preschool Program strikes the perfect harmony between nurturing care and fostering independence, providing a safe and loving environment for your child's early learning journey. Our dedicated teachers focus on weekly letters of the alphabet and monthly themes, guiding children through exploration and joyful discovery.

Curriculum and Developmental Goals:

  1. Social Studies:
    From "all about me" to exploring the environment, seasons, transportation, health, and safety, we cultivate young minds to be curious explorers of the world around them.
  2. Emotional Learning:
    We believe in establishing positive relationships and decision-making skills through fun and comfortable ways of identifying, understanding, and managing emotions.
  3. Social Development:
    Building social skills is a core aspect of our program, as children learn to interact with peers and adults, develop conflict resolution skills, and express their feelings confidently.
  4. Language and Listening:
    Through engaging activities, we nurture language development, letter and sound recognition, and phonics, setting the groundwork for effective communication.
  5. Pre-Reading and Pre-Writing:
    We embark on an exciting journey of letters and phonics, helping children recognize the alphabet and fostering early reading and writing skills.
  6. Math Exploration:
    Counting orally, recognizing numbers, shapes, sorting, and matching - our math activities lay the foundation for a love of numbers and problem-solving.
  7. Motor Skills Development:
    From body awareness and coordination to spatial and directional understanding, our music and movement activities enhance large and fine motor skills.
  8. Science Adventures:
    The wonder of discovery awaits, as children explore sensory experiences that spark curiosity and ignite a passion for learning.
  9. Expressive Art:
    Our hands-on, process-oriented art activities unleash creativity using various materials, like paint, glue, scissors, and recycled items, while refining fine motor skills.
  10. Melodies and Rhythms:
    Music takes center stage with a balance of movement, percussion instruments, and sound and pattern reproduction, offering lessons at least twice a week.
  11. Language Immersion:
    Brookfield School embraces cultural diversity with Spanish and Mandarin immersion lessons, introducing vocabulary, phrases, and greetings through videos, flashcards, objects, and songs, offered at least twice a week.

Welcome to Brookfield School's Young Preschool Program, where we lay the groundwork for a future of exploration, curiosity, and a lifelong love for learning. Together, we'll nurture your child's growth and development in a nurturing and stimulating environment, setting them on a path of boundless possibilities.

Children Must Be Potty Trained

At our preschool, we believe in fostering a nurturing environment that balances love and care with a child's growing need for structure and independence. With an accelerated pre-kindergarten-level curriculum, we empower young learners to thrive in key areas such as language development, math, science, art, and more, setting them on a path of early success.

Preschool Program Highlights:

  1. A Strong Foundation for Learning:
    Our preschoolers delve into an exciting world of letter recognition, beginning writing skills, pre-reading techniques, concrete math concepts, science exploration, and language development. We ensure a comprehensive approach to prepare them for future academic milestones.
  2. Social Studies Adventure:
    From "all about me" to exploring seasons, transportation, health, safety, and the environment, we nurture their sense of curiosity about the world they live in.
  3. Emotional Learning:
    We focus on identifying, understanding, and managing emotions, building positive relationships and decision-making skills in a fun and comfortable manner.
  4. The Language of Art:
    Our preschoolers immerse themselves in the creative process, exploring art media with hands-on experiences, fostering a love for artistic expression.
  5. Pre-Kindergarten-Level Language and Literacy:
    We lay the groundwork for language and literacy development, including letter and sound recognition, phonics, alphabet knowledge, comprehension, oral language, and more.
  6. Pre-Kindergarten-Level Readiness and Writing:
    From letter and number formation to crayon grip, drawing, coloring, and writing, we prepare them for their journey into reading and writing with confidence.
  7. Pre-Kindergarten-Level Math:
    Numbers and operations, geometry, patterns, measurement, and more come alive as we introduce them to the fascinating world of mathematics.
  8. Science Exploration:
    Through hands-on discovery and experimentation, our young scientists develop a curiosity about the wonders of the world around them.
  9. Social Development:
    We encourage positive social interactions, conflict resolution, self-confidence building, and speaking in front of the class, preparing them for successful social interactions.
  10. A Symphony of Music and Movement:
    Our preschoolers immerse themselves in a balanced music and movement curriculum, learning to reproduce sounds, patterns, and rhythms with percussion instruments.
  11. Spanish and Mandarin Immersion:
    Incorporating vocabulary, colors, numbers, and greetings, our Spanish immersion program introduces young minds to a world of linguistic diversity.

Welcome your child to an enriching and stimulating preschool experience at our school, where we ignite the spark of curiosity and lay the foundation for a love of learning that lasts a lifetime. Let's embark on this transformative journey together, nurturing your child's growth and unlocking their full potential.

At Brookfield School, we take pride in preparing your child for an accelerated academic program, ensuring a seamless transition into our advanced courses at our Elementary Campus. Our Pre-Kindergarten program features an accelerated curriculum designed to expose your child to kindergarten-level learning, setting the stage for a successful future.

Pre-Kindergarten Program Highlights:

  1. Monthly Themes:
    Engaging monthly themes such as "all about me," the environment, seasons, transportation, health, and safety provide exciting avenues for exploration and learning.
  2. Emotional Learning:
    Our focus on emotional learning program helps children identify, understand, and manage emotions, fostering positive relationships and decision-making skills.
  3. STEM Adventures:
    Project-based learning with a strong emphasis on science, technology, engineering, and math equips young minds with crucial problem-solving and critical thinking skills.
  4. The Artistic Journey:
    Immersive and hands-on exploration of ten core art media unleashes creativity and artistic expression in our young learners.
  5. Kindergarten-Level Language Arts:
    From letter and sound recognition to phonics and high-frequency words, we pave the way for strong language and reading abilities.
  6. Kindergarten-Level Writing:
    Our comprehensive writing program focuses on letter and number formation, journal writing, phrases, and sentence structure, nurturing early writing skills.
  7. Math Exploration:
    From sorting and patterns to counting, geometry, and even exploring addition and subtraction, our math program opens the door to a world of numbers and problem-solving.
  8. Science Wonders:
    Through the study of our environment and physical principles, we ignite curiosity and wonder about the world we live in.
  9. Social Studies Adventure:
    From safety to American History, we cultivate a deeper understanding of the world and its rich history.
  10. Developing Social Skills:
    We foster positive social interactions, conflict resolution, self-confidence building, and public speaking, empowering children to thrive in social settings.
  11. The Joy of Art:
    Our hands-on, process-oriented art program inspires creativity using various materials, developing fine motor skills and unleashing imaginative minds.
  12. Mastering Motor Skills:
    Through activities that promote body awareness, coordination, and spatial understanding, we enhance both large and fine motor skills.
  13. The Harmony of Music:
    A balanced music and movement curriculum, including percussion instruments and sound reproduction, provides a rhythmic and joyful experience.
  14. Language Immersion:
    Our Spanish and Mandarin immersion program introduces young minds to a world of linguistic diversity through vocabulary, colors, numbers, and greetings.

Rest Time for Rejuvenation:
We understand the importance of rest and provide a 1.5-hour daily rest time built into our schedule, ensuring your child's well-being and energy for the day's adventures.

Join us at Brookfield School, where we inspire a lifelong love of learning and set the stage for your child's academic success. Together, we'll embark on a transformative journey of growth, curiosity, and boundless potential.

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